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Working on a series of group projects using wood.

(a) Tripod

This project was inspired by intricate Japanese joinery techniques that often do not require adhesives to hold elements together, but use its own structure and tensions to hold itself up. The aim was to create three leg joints and a locking system tripod, that is then able to hold a certain amount of weight without the use of a platform.

(b) Mobius Strip

This project was to learn and explore wood bending techniques. The aim of this project was then to create a Mobius Strip with a minimum of three layers of veneer that also had a minimum of 25mm width.

(c) The Wheel

This project involved compiling the knowledge we attained within the first two projects and create a wooden wheel. The wheel must be able to be disassembled and reassembled as well as incorporate wood lamination. the Overall wheel had to also have a minimum of three spokes, minimum if a radius of 2000mm and 40mm wide. Lastly we must not forget, it has to be able to ‘roll’ the distance.