August 8, 2015

Sydney Day Trip

Wednesday August 5th, 2015.

My brother and I decided to go on a spontaneous day trip to Sydney, with a plan to go on a food adventure and… CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE! Woop!

Our day started nice and early at 4:30am making our way to the airport to board our 6:00am flight. By the time we had reached the inner city of Sydney was around 9:00am, our next destination was to go find somewhere to eat for breakfast. With our tired and sleepy bodies we settled on a japanese restaurant called Sokyo. And thus our food adventure began, a lovely all you can eat breakfast! We had a full continental buffet, an “a la carte” dish and a tea or a coffee for $38. What a way to start the day, setting ourselves up for a food coma before our climb. but well worth it, food was great with a great selection of deserts!

For those who know me will know how much I love my sweets and and desserts!

Our next destination was one I was most eager and excited about. I had heard such amazing reviews about this special little cake which was the Strawberry Watermelon Cake With Rose Scented Cream from Black Star Pastry! This cake really lived up to its expectations, visually it was beautiful, the taste was light and refreshing. Truly was an amazing combination I had never had before, it is definitely a cake I will come back for, I just wished we had in it Melbourne XD.

With all the food we had eaten so far it was time to make our way to the Bridge climb at 1:05pm. But just before that we stopped by one of the most heavenly book stores ever… Kinokuniya! If we weren’t pressed for time, I swear I could get lost in there for hours and hours. Such a great place to be.

Our Bridge climb started at 1:05pm, finding the starting point was a bit of a struggle as we had gotten lost and ended up walking a big circle almost ending up being late. But we made it in time, Whew!

The experience began with signing papers, a quick intro on what we were about to embark on, what we could and what we couldn’t wear and take with us on the climb. We got dressed and suited up in our safety jumpsuit gear, nicely rugged up with wind proof gear. What was interesting was how everything was clipped and attached to our suit. Extra gear such as beanies, hats, gloves, extra fleece jackets and hankies even our glasses had to be clipped and attached to our suits. Before going out to climb the real bridge, we first practiced climbing indoors with a simulation sets of ladders, once we were all comfortable with the process we got hooked up to head sets so we would stay connected with our guide.

So began the climb! I was so excited and the whole experience was unreal. Despite the fact it was incredibly windy, but to see the very heart of the bridge so close and personal, seeing the construction, the view was mind blowingly amazing! We had come from a cold raining Melbourne day to a slightly over cast 17 degree day, which I felt really lucky to have. Reaching the peak of the bridge had the most amazing view, I also felt super proud to been able to make it up so far. I had such a great time climbing I really didn’t want the experience to end. As we made our way back down the sun shone brightly, getting ready to set the changes in the sky just made it such a great way to end the climb. Super happy. By 4:30pm we were back to the ground, back to reality.

But our food journey continues!

Just before we went to Kinokuniya, we tried to go to Aqua S ice cream, but our timing was off and it wasn’t open for service. After the climb we decided to give it another go, we were on our way for dinner, it didn’t make sense to have dessert before dinner, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t try. One day trip to sydney, we go all out with NO RAGRETS. haha

It was the best decision. The novelty of Aqua S ice cream was great! It was crazy how happy it made me to have this, I can only describe it as if a unicorn was an ice cream, it would look like Aqua S ice cream. We had Sea salt and earl grey milk tea soft serve with extra toppings of caramel popcorn, popping candy, marshmallow and their signature fairy floss. Yum.  Another place to come back for.

To dinner we go!

Kind of full from Aqua S, but to dinner we must go! So far my day has been just consuming sweets, dinner was going to be my first savory meal of the day. Hurricane’s Grill… Muahaha

Finishing our day with a bang! We had the Hurricane’s BBQ Meat Platter BBQ basted chicken wings, Boerewors, lightly basted, juicy Lamb Cutlets, Short Cut Sirloin and Hurricane’s famous ribs. Which as slightly insane for just two people, but it is a food adventure, so we must eat! 😛 I must say they were the best ribs I had ever eaten thus far in my life, the sauce was just finger licking good! Surprisingly we managed to demolish out giant meat platter, surprising ourselves and our waitress. Best.

In a food coma we now rest…

To what was such an eventful day, sadly after dinner we had to quickly make our way to the airport to catch out flight back home. Arrived back home roughly 11pm.

What a day. Loved every moment. Thanks to my brother for accompanying me and taking on such a great day trip, eating and doing everything I wanted!

Happy smiles all around!

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