May 1, 2016

Buns Buns Buns

So I have been having a bread baking obsession this past month, it’s just so fun!

I’ve tried making these Butter bread roll using Bento Monsters Recipe. They turned out quite good, it had a hard shell with soft fluffy insides.

Dinner Bread Rolls

Dinner Bread Rolls

I found myself wanting to make something with fillings inside the buns. I had recently picked up some matcha powder and thought why not try to make Matcha Green Tea with Red Bean Paste filling? A good challenge and something different hehehe. I found this recipe by Christine which looked straightforward enough, and she mentions that these buns will taste very similar to the buns you can get from Bread Top, so why not? Sounds good to me!

The recipe was a bit different to previous methods I’d tried, as this recipe used Tang Zhong. This method refers to adding a roux of flour and water (or milk) to your yeast bread mixture, which is suppose to help make your bread lighter and fluffier when it is baked.

Christine’s recipe didn’t involve making the buns into little piggy’s but I just did to make it more fun. I used black beans to decorate its eyes, purely for decoration purposes as the black beans are not edible haha.

This turned out to be a very good recipe, and tasting very similar to the buns from Bread Top! Super soft and fluffy indeed! Definitely will revisit this recipe for sure!

Happy Smiles

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