April 19, 2016

Kawaii Baking : 1

Recently I have been seeing a lot of cute baking on Instagram and Pinterest, and when I came across Bento Monsters that’s when it made me want to try it out myself. I’ve never made bread before, nor have I worked with yeast so I figured it would be a good opportunity to try it out.

Bento Monsters have many adorable recipes and easy to follow tutorials. I saw this Totoro Pull-Apart Bread Bun recipe and immediately knew that was what I wanted to make.

For my first time following this recipe and bread making, I found the whole process very interesting. Watching the dough rise and double in size was super cute and fascinating. Of course I had some issues when making the dough and found that creating the Totoro figure to be quite difficult, so instead I made little piggy face buns (which I had seen Bento Monsters have done in her other recipes).

The bread came out pretty good, it was soft and airy, it also had a slight yeast tasting flavour to it which I thought it was a bit odd. But still deliciously edible. 🙂

Happy Smiles!


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